Questions Asked Frequently to Rockin D

Do you have a beard? Or are you thinking about growing one Rockin D Beard, but you don't know what you don't know? Let me help you with that! These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Beard Care.

1. Why do you need to use beard care products?

Technically, you don't need any care products if that is not something that you are wanting. But beard care products exist so that you have an option available to keep your skin under all that hair hydrated and well maintained as well as to keep your beard healthy.

2. I've heard of beard care products, and I've tried some, and I didn't like it. Or I never tried any before and don't know where to start.

Well, then give it another shot. Give my products a try because you don't know what you don't know. I was in the same situation as you. I've tried many products out there, and I couldn't find any I liked, and that's how I ended up here. I made these specifically for me, and many others around me tried them. I finally have beard care products I love and I used them everyday, multiple times a day, they became my daily essentials. These were made to get me a Rockin D Beard!

You won't know until you try them, and that's why I have sample sizes. The balms, butters, oils are all a different feeling from what you've tried before. The scents are also different from what's out there. So try them out and let me know. I am always open for feedbacks and if you didn't like it, let me know how I can formulate one specifically for you!

P.S. The ladies love these beard product scents ;)

3. What is beard balm and what is it for?

The beard balm is to keep the skin moisturized. It will eliminate itchiness and beardruffs! It is also to help the beard hold it's shape, but my beard balm is not for extreme hold. These balms are less stickier than other balms, and leaves less residue on your hands after applying.

4. What is beard butter and what is it for? 

Beard butter is for moisturizing and no hold on beard shape. These are meant to be stored in cool temperatures (no hotter than room temp, it will melt!). If you want something you can carry around to consistently maintain your beard, I recommend beard balm. If you are just needing to apply when at home, then beard butter will be a great option.

5. What is beard oil and what is it for?

Beard oil is for moisturizing and to give your beard a shine. This is for the actual beard itself, and less for your skin.

6. What's in your product?

All natural oils.

I don't have any chemicals, silicone, pork or alcohol in it.

7. How do you apply them? How much do you apply and how often?

This changes depending on your preference and the amount of beard you have, but for mine, I use the beard oil and balm in the morning when I wake up, and apply just the beard balm around noon again. I don't use the butter too frequently because I prefer my beards to have a little hold.

Oil - I apply about 4-5 drops on my hand and spread into the beard.

Balm/Butter - I use 2-3 scrapes on my finger, spread on hand then apply onto the skin and into the beard.

8. What's your routine? How can I grow a beard like yours!?

I shampoo and condition my beard every night. When I use conditioner, I leave it in for a few minutes. After shower, I let the beard air dry and I don't put anything in them at night. All the beard products stuff happens in the morning. See Question 7 for my morning routine.

If there are any other questions, feel free to contact me. And of course, I will update this as more questions come up.